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JavaScript Algorithm Walkthrough

Selection sort sorts an array by locating the element with the smallest value and placing it at the beginning of the array.

let theFirst = [3, 4, 56, 43, 8, 99]function select(arr){
let swap = (array, i1, i2) => ([arr[i1], arr[i2]]= [arr[i2], arr[i1]])
let min

JavaScript Algorithm Walkthrough

Algos, algos, algos! Fun stuff! And no, I am not being sarcastic, I very much enjoy this logic! Feel free to @ me when I hit binary trees and other data structures though, because I may be singing a different tune then. …

Think “Everything’s Fine” Meme, but Real Life

I’d like to think I’m more cavalier about it than this guy.

I was on TikTok yesterday, as I have a particular affinity for Gen-Z trends (millennials are still hip, okay???), and watched a video about a 19-year old earning $82k a year. She attended the same bootcamp I did…

Detecting the Only Duplicate in a List

As a recent bootcamp grad, I spend a large chunk of my time aspiring to be more productive than I actually am. Every morning, I wake up with delusions of grandeur, “Today’s the day! I’ll be super productive! …

Ahhh, so here you are. Chances are you’ve decided to pursue a career in tech. Welcome! You’ve put in the work: coded for countless hours, debugged your life away, stared at error messages until your eyes glazed over (plot twist! All you needed to do was wrap your code in…

While learning Javascript, you will undeniably encounter event listeners, and with them, event targets. When working with event listeners, one should be aware of a particular quirky behavior known as event bubbling.

Let’s say we have a pair of nested elements, both of which have event listeners. If the…

Dataset. What is it? Why use it? It can be a bit confusing initially, but once you get the hang of things, dataset is an excellent tool for setting and accessing information within the DOM!

A common reaction amongst those hearing about dataset for the first time.

Dataset is a…

If you are a fan of structure and repetition, you’ll enjoy building with Ruby in these 7 steps. For simplicity’s sake I’ll be outlining the general functionality of each Rails action below. Short and sweet.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

First up is the #index action, which will help you showcase all of the instances…

Surviving My First Week of Coding Bootcamp

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Starting coding bootcamp was something I’ve been looking forward to for the past year. I went through all the motions and checked off my lists. Drew up plans, saved up money, quit my job, and began to code furiously. I did everything possible to begin immersing myself in the local…

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